Video Gallery

A background in documentary photography gives me the eye to capture strong visuals in the film/video world. This is needed so your film stands out above the crowd of average work. Combining this with great sound and editing gives my clients films they’re happy to showcase.

It gets them noticed, brings in more business.

Yoga Therapist Karen Quinn offers advanced yoga teacher training classes and this film is being used to showcase her teaching style.

A Video News Release, or VNR, is an effective way for companies to get a specific message to the public, often via television newscast, website or thru social media.

Instead of the local news channel choosing to feature your business, you create the finished, ready-to-go video news release and make it available to the public. These usually consist of selected interviews and B-Roll, edited into a tight package.

Yoga instructor and “Self Healing Goddess”, Jess Bonasso often ends her restorative classes with the beautiful sounds played on her singing bowls.

Let’s work together to feature something cool that your business has accomplished!!