Video Montage

I’m having a blast working with motion. Been shooting for a while as a videographer and now editing in the film making world too. “Never say never” is a saying scoffed at more than once in my life and shrugged off just as often. “Never going to shoot video”. “Never going to edit video”. Well… Hollywood cinematographers have nothing to fear and I’ll leave it at that. But my work will help corporate, commercial, small business, and healthcare clients tell their story in a new and exciting way.

Video montage is a style of filmmaking that intrigues me and one that has merit for many business applications. Instead of shots becoming scenes in a film, random clips are edited into a storytelling piece that moves quickly. It still needs continuity of some sort, maybe chronological order, and certainly needs unique angles, great audio, and motion to keep it interesting.

I call these “In The Blink Of An Eye”.

This “Blink of an Eye” was created at True Grit, an annual event from The Third Way Center in Denver. It gives the viewer a lively, entertaining, and all important quick look at the event. If you were there it should bring back a good memory. If you missed it, the film should make you want to attend next year.

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