This Feels Great!

Thai Bodywork gives the "extra" stretch you long for.

My friend Michelle Bressette is not only a wonderful yoga instructor but is equally outstanding at her Thai Yoga Bodywork.

When the teacher's not looking...

These photographs were taken at a recent Thai Movement for Couples Workshop she conducted at Rishi’s Crossing Yoga Studio.

This was a tough assignment to photograph because I’d have rather been a participant. You owe it to yourself to experience Thai Bodywork.

Michelle working with KT at the workshop

The strong sidelight streaming thru the south-facing windows was all I needed to capture these storytelling images. No need to set-up any additional lighting. A good thing because inevitably when I light a scene and begin moving around to shoot from the best angles one of the light stands ends up in the middle of a cool shot. Please see other naturally lit images at Barry Staver Photography.

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