Thai Yoga Bodywork Photography

Staver_Thai4This amazing bodywork feels as good as it looks in these images. I know, because I’ve had 2 sessions with Michelle. In all honesty, it feels better than it looks!

Staver_Thai2Michelle commissioned these photographs for her new website to show the uniqueness and range of motion that Thai Yoga Bodywork offers. Please visit her site at Inner Balance Yoga Therapies to learn more about her and this amazing work.

You’ll also find her teaching yoga at the best yoga studio in Denver, Rishi’s Crossing.


On a technical note, these “storytelling with a camera” images were lit with my newest toy: The FourSquare. This state-of-the-art on location softbox is a location photographers dream come true. I’ll profile it in another post, but for now look at the quality of light in Michelle’s portrait. It only took a few moments to set the light and capture her serene pose.

Staver_Thai3My “storytelling with a camera” style of on-location natural shooting was the perfect fit for this gig. After talking about her expectations and watching as she did a few warm up stretches with model Sat Karum, I created a basic lighting set-up. Michelle began the session and I began shooting. Periodic stops to view the digital images on the laptop allowed us to fine tune the lighting and body positioning.

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