Skeleton Out of the Closet

Post Card Series. As a photographer of people I’m often asked to bring back an exciting, unusual, attention getting portrait. After all photographs are the most important element in the design/readership equation of publishing. If the photograph is strong in content, catches the viewers eye, causing an emotional reaction to it, they’re more likely to read the accompanying story.

Humor is one of the best emotional hooks to catch. Don’t we all enjoy a good laugh?

This research/teaching physician at the University of Colorado School of Medicine was really a good sport, don’t you agree? No research project was available to photograph, no class to teach ~ just an large empty lecture hall and one skeleton standing in the corner…

We’ve all seen what happens when dogs get wet. They shake. My friend Jodi recently sold her mobile dog grooming business but not before I’d photographed her at work. I could see this photograph in my minds eye as she washed the dog in the sink inside her mobile grooming trailer. I wasn’t disappointed and the camera was easy to dry off.

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