Senior Prom Time

It’s that time of year for high school proms. A favorite client of mine, InnovAge, hosts a Senior Prom for the “older” Seniors each year, complete with crowning of the King and Queen, dancing, and refreshments.

The couple crowned at this prom have actually been married over 60 years. I like this photograph taken from behind them. They’re holding hands and just leaning toward one another to talk over the loud music. The crowns, their sashes, and the hint of people dancing in the background suggest a prom, don’t they?

This woman is enjoying a prom dance with her daughter. I positioned myself hoping to get them in the foreground with the Senior Prom banner in the background. We make our own luck, I believe. Not only did I get the proper positioning, but was rewarded with the kiss on the cheek at just the right moment.

Congratulations and well-wishes from other participants at the Johnson Adult Day Program.

See more of my Senior Healthcare and Wellness photography in this gallery at Barry Staver Photography.

Successful “storytelling with a camera” for sure.


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