Ronald McDonald House Charities

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Full Page Ad in USA Today

I love what I do. Photography has been my only job since entering college. It’s exciting, creatively fulfilling, and has paid the bills. I’m passionate about it, often feeling like I eat, sleep, live, and breath photography.

Setting up for the first shot

Keeping everyone warm.

In the past 1/2 dozen years or so, many of my assignments have met the above criteria and also provided an even bigger reward. The photographs taken are helping others and making a difference in lives. Foundations, charities, and non-profits share the story of their work through my photography.

This ad campaign for the Ronald McDonald House Charities is a great example. It’s running in USA Today, full page in size, and I’m thrilled to have played a part by photographing Elizabeth and her family for the ad.

The last set-up.

A great stand-in, waiting for Elizabeth and her family to arrive on location

With a cold wind blowing in from the west, the creative team from DDB Chicago kept everyone warm between shots on a hillside with Pikes Peak in the background. Son Matthew Staver played a big part in this successful photo shoot too.


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