Picture Story


If a “picture is worth 1,000 words”, then a photo essay or picture story must be worth… how many thousands of words? Much like your favorite film or novel, a photo essay draws you in, immersing you with detail, emotion, even intrigue. Film and movies use motion and sound, lighting and scenery as storytelling tools. The novelist relies on descriptive narrative to set the scene and build the characters, plot, and drama. All of these stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

I do this with a camera, lenses and years of practice. Your organization’s story will be told in similar fashion thru photography. The scene is set, often with wide-angle shots. Telephoto lenses are used for close-ups, allowing photo subjects to be themselves while I remain unobtrusive. Lighting, of course, is key to setting the mood. Decisive moments are captured that reveal the character of photo subjects.

Years of documentary shooting as an editorial photographer, on assignment for national consumer magazines, has honed my skills to see, capture, and edit images into successful visual stories. My best compliment comes from a story subject who says, “How did you get this photograph, I didn’t even notice you shooting”?

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