“Off With Their Heads”

… but please, not mine.

More than just a portrait or headshot, this is a personality portrait

Personality portrait of Kellie.

It was fun having the Red Queen stop by for her “Official Portrait” on Halloween. My friend Kellie  from Professional Restoration played her role to perfection complete with accent. As the Queen, she projects an awesome, “Off with their heads” command that’s for sure.

I asked her to stop by the studio for this official portrait to use in my current book, Advanced Flash Photography. Deadline is near and this image will be a good addition to the chapter on “How to find photo subjects and models”. We’re both Affiliate members of the South Metro Denver Realtors Association and Kellie brought the house down at our weekly Marketing Session with her costume and performance.

Shooting from slightly above brings the eye right to the Red Queen’s expression, hair and crown.

It was a no brainer to use the reddish colored background for this Session. This second and wider shot shows more of the Iron Oxide muslin backdrop from my friends at SilverLake Photo, my exclusive supplier of backdrops and flooring materials. I always order the 10 x 20′ size of muslin. It allows for full floor to ceiling coverage plus enough additional length to bring the photo subject away from the back wall. That gives me greater control of the light and depth of field.

Wonder what she’ll be next Halloween?


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