Need a flag?

Albuquerque, I-40 & Carlisle St: Our extremely tight shooting schedule with the Health Sciences Center forced me to drive past this flag vendor w/o stopping-twice. Fortunately, the flags were still flying at the edge of the K-Mart lot as I left town this morning. It only takes Vernon,, 30-45 minutes to set these up every morning-quite a system, eh?
Quick example of how my [storytelling with a camera] style of photojournalism works. Lower image is a scene setter, wide-angle (fisheye lens actually) view showing the flags at curbside with Vernon and Linda’s bus in center. Top photograph is tighter (moderate telephoto) showing Vernon on the roof of the bus (almost in silhouette) preparing to hoist more flags.

  • Matt - Great use of that fish-eye! And you sure are pretty tough: after a long week shooting on the road I might have been too tired to stop for extra pictures.

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