Using video to tell your story, with its ability to capture great sound and motion, is crucial to your business success. Filmmaking brings your message to life in ways the “old” photo slideshow cannot. It’s a great way for potential customers to see and learn more about you and your services/products.

Montage is a great video and filmmaking style bringing immediate attention to your business. Ask me for details!

I’m here to help  you create a bright, timely, effective video message for you to deliver.

1. Did you know that the audio or sound portion of a video clip is more important than the visual part? Yep, some say it’s a 60/40 ratio. I believe it’s closer to 70/30 (and I’ve been a visual storyteller all of my career). The most beautiful video piece won’t be watched if the audience can’t hear the dialogue.

2. Time is of the essence. Less is better. Attention spans are short!!! A long video seldom is watched to the end. I suggest 1-2 minutes max for your piece. That means a tight, concise, well-written script is essential to your success. A tight edit follows.

3. The visual capture is important too, of course, and should be well-lit and steady. Professionally shot cinematography, in HD format outperforms the iPhone every time.

I’m also a HYBRID PHOTOGRAPHER, creating energetic “TALKING PORTRAITURE” by blending still photographs + video + audio into marketing messages that clients can share across all new media portals. This cool new blend of imagery brings the family portrait to life too, as a “POCKET PORTRAIT”. See the entire eCardPRO section on the website, starting with a VIDEO DESCRIBING THE FEATURES OF THIS SALES AND MARKETING TOOL.