Magazine Cover Shoot

Billy Casper is indeed a legendary pro golfer as the AvidGolfer headline says. That smile? It’s as genuine as they come from a man who’s enjoying his life. This photo shoot came on very short notice, less than one day. Most unusual for a magazine cover project.

Colorado AvidGolfer magazine cover

Golfer Billy Casper is all smiles, loving life.

Casper’s company had just announced its management of a local private golf course and he was here to talk with the club members about that. At the last minute, AvidGolfer magazine was invited to an “exclusive” opportunity to attend the event, photograph, and interview Billy.

I’ve successfully produced covers for dozens of publications (People, Time, Sports Illustrated magazines, annual reports, and countless trade pubs). Several being done with this magazines editor Jon Rizzi. Knowing we wouldn’t have much time with Billy, we arrived early, found a good location on the course close to the putting green and club house. The less travel time needed between his putting demo and our shoot, the more time allotted to the photography.

Magazine covers require TLC. The title usually fills the top part of the image and additional text is placed over the photograph to tease and highlight the contents of the issue.

It was really fun to photograph Billy, and I think the resulting photographs and this cover show that.

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