Kickboxing wore me out

Advertising shoot in real environment

And I wasn’t even kicking or boxing, just photographing. The only favor asked of instructor Dianne Bailey was, “please don’t kick me”.

Reportage photography, hand taping

Kickboxing photograph

Punching bag fun.

While this class is a serious cardio workout, it’s also fun as participants banter back and forth between punches and kicks.

Shooting through this window provides the wide-angle “scene setting” image to the photo story.

This is but one part of the Conditioning Classroom offerings for personalized fitness. Dianne and her son Grant specialize in personal training at their Centennial, CO facility. We recently completed photo sessions to showcase their training and the gym.

The intensity you’d expect from a 4th degree Black Belt.

My “storytelling with a camera” style of photojournalism kicked in (so to speak) because this class produced it’s own photo essay as people wrapped their hands, did warm-ups and put on the gloves. The bags were rolled into place (there’s a secret to moving these 250 lb bags – I’ll share it if you want to know – because you can’t just muscle it across the floor – I tried) and the fun began.

Class ended with a cool down plus additional ab work. A future post will feature other photographs taken in the weights and conditioning area of the private personal training gym.


  • James Cook - Awesome! You continue to impress me. Thanks for sharing this.

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