How Sweet It Is

It’s an honor to be asked to photograph someone and I’m very grateful for each and every person that’s been in front of my camera. They’re trusting that I’ll photograph them in the best light, showing their good side. In short, making them look great. That’s my Portraiture tagline: “You’ll Look Great!!”.

You’ve heard those stories about the tailor’s kids who wore rags, the carpenter’s house that was always falling apart, the plumber’s house with its leaky faucets. Yes, there are photographers without many family photographs too. I speak from personal experience on this one.

You can imagine my great joy when Elaine and Matthew (soon to be daughter-in-law and son) asked me to photograph them. It gave me the same wonderful feeling from 10 years earlier when son Michael asked me to photograph his high school senior portrait. Simply put: Life gets no better than this.

I’m grateful they shared these moments with me. They are a truly great couple, meant for each other, and enjoying their life journey together.

You can see Elaine’s graphic design work and Matthew’s photography by clicking these links, taking you to their websites.

Join me please in wishing them the very best in life.

  • Hardy Klahold - Hey Barry great stuff. I love the mood in the photos.

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