Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a Joyful and Successful year. It’s a coincidence that my new blog is coming to life at the start of ’09. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll transfer the contents of a previous blog here, link to it for a while, or repost some of the more interesting entries and experiences.

Please take a moment to visit my updated website too. The link is in the top menu bar as well–PORTFOLIO.

I’m grateful to David Jay and the rest of the crew at www.showitfast.com. They’ve introduced a very cool website design service that was used for my new site. If I can create and launch a site then anyone can!

Many thanks also go to Jared Henderson for his awesome WordPress blog template. This design was created in a few hours using his template. Again, if I can do this anyone can. Say, if you’re inclined to purchase his template, just enter discount code BSTAVER232 at checkout–you and I will both see a financial benefit :).

Finally, mega thanks to Christopher Wren, a photographer colleague I’ve yet to meet. He’d already been down this road of creating both a new website and blog with Showit Sites and ProPhoto templates and hosting with a new company. He patiently answered dozens of my email questions sent unannounced.

Future posts will include images from the cool assignments my clients provide, tips and tricks about the photo shoots that helped them succeed and may help with your personal photography too, random thoughts, and other stuff suited to blogging.

Stay tuned, take care, travel safe.

  • Christopher Wren - Great job Barry! Looks good. Glad I could help.

  • Ed Lallo - Great blog site. Your hard work paid off.

    Ed Lallo

  • bruce mitchell - well done, Barry!

  • Julie Tinker - Barry, you are way more techno advanced than I will ever be! Beautiful pictures, wonderful website!

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