Good news…no. Great news…nope. Fabulous Knock Your Socks Off News…YES!!

Going the extra mile to help me.

Today feels like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and my birthday all rolled into one. It’s just a kick-ass amazing moment. Thanks Dan.

Why the excitement? This blog – lock stock & barrel – was lost, gone, down the tubes, into the black hole – until Dan rescued it. Dan Lam is THE man.

My WordPress blog runs with the theme from It’s photographer friendly, oh so easy to customize and use, is always being upgraded with cool stuff. Did I mention the support and customer service? None better! Easy to follow online video tutorials, FAQ’s, and Support. They even recommend a great web hosting company, attend photo tradeshows (where they gave me 1 on 1 help for 20 minutes last spring).

How many of your suppliers do that? You’d think that would be enough, and until last week it was all I could ask for.

After multiple “issues” with my (ex) hosting company,, I made the switch to their recommended They’re a WordPress friendly company, have tech support 24-7 from here in the U.S.A!! During the switch, I lost parts of the blog. Parts that make it work. I bit off more than I could chew with the intricacies of this task.

To make this week long dramatic story short – Dan recovered and resurrected the blog. No small feat. After putting up with me for over a week – he then thanked me for my patience as he performed his magic.

I’m grateful and obviously recommending ProPhotoBlogs to anyone needing a great WordPress Theme.

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