Clients need my “storytelling photography” for events from a Black Tie Gala to the Moonlight Classic Bicycle Ride and everything in between. These shindigs are perfect places to tell the story with photography. The images are used now to publicize the organization and its mission plus down the road to promote and advertise next year’s extravaganza. They’re generally about raising money to fund budgets, do good work. Showing prospective donors the exciting, emotional, or fun loving images is the best way to reach people, and let’s face it, their checkbook, isn’t it?

Many of these galas feature entertainment and live auctions. The walk/run events promote a specific cause getting participants to enjoy some exercise. Ground-breaking ceremonies promote a companies newest capital construction project and  employee parties are all about thanking everyone for working hard. In all cases my coverage goes well beyond those posed “table shots”, podium handshakes, and ribbon cuttings. The most storytelling images capture the attendees engaged in the moment. I’m looking for the poignant message from the guest speaker, the excited patrons bidding on those fabulous auction items, the hugs and embraces at the finish line.