Talking Business Cards

What is an eCard?

Today’s technology revolves around our electronic devices, yes? Smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Our memories are stored there! Why limit that to only still photographs. As a Hybrid Photographer I blend the stills + video + audio to really showcase your business message?


What if you use this technology to reach potential new clients: Telling them in your own words about that great new offer and directing them to it through this eCard’s connectivity features to a smartphone, email, and website?

This is being done today with our eProducts on great delivery platform. Want to learn more? Call me!

“If your business card could talk, what would it say”? Imagine sharing your “20 second elevator speech” quickly and easily with a new prospect. Wouldn’t that be much better than handing over a traditional business card?

Imagine showcasing a family portrait or kids images via your smart phone or tablet with video and audio in the image!  Not just 1 still photo, but a moving, talking experience.

What if it was easy to accomplish and affordable too?

By using hybrid photography, a skillful blend of still photo + video + audio, I’m creating eProducts that can be seen and shared across all new media platforms.