Denver Photographer Jumps The Gun

Resolutions are usually made in January. We slack off and give ‘um up by February. Okay, okay, some make it thru March into April. Sound familiar? That’s one reason I stopped making them several years ago, vowing to never have this happen again… never say never.

Staver_Hagman-toastLearning to “never say never” I’m getting a jump on things announcing my New Year Resolutions right now. The Resolutions are goals to share my expertise in photography,  network better ~ helping friends and colleagues with referrals, continue exceeding client expectations, and help new clients who need to tell their own or their organizations visual story.

Notice that the menu bar at the top of my blog is growing. It sports a twitter feed with a click-thru to follow and a “Mailing List” option. I’ll be sending a monthly email newsletter with snippets of my Photo Tips & Tricks. Your time is valuable and I respect that, so the newsletter will be short and sweet with links back to the full stories on this blog. Go ahead, sign up with the link above.

Almost forgot to tell you about the photograph. One of my favorite celebrity images, taken on assignment for People magazine in the 80’s. They commissioned me to photograph 3 cover stories when “Dallas” was THE hit TV show. People planned their week around that show, doing their errands on other evenings so they wouldn’t miss an episode. That’s “JR Ewing” aka Larry Hagman proposing a poolside toast. He was toasting his success as the star of the show and I’m playing off of it vicariously for success in 2010.


p.s. – Sincere apologies for the copyright watermark in the middle of the photograph, it’s necessary to help protect the image from online theft.

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