Crash Course-Successful Turkey Day Photographs

Barry’s Photo Tips & Tricks #2.

Your Thanksgiving photo assignment, should you choose to accept it: Fun and expressive shots around the house that document the day. All “do’s” and 1 big “don’t”.

Staver_snake-eating1. Don’t shoot people with their mouths full. This photograph taken on a People magazine assignment, covering a desert survival school. Participants were only allowed to bring the clothes on their back, a blanket, and a pocket knife for a multi-day trek into the desert. This snake was most substantial meal of the trip and was shared among 7 or 8 people after being roasted on the make shift spit. Makes you thankful for a real meal doesn’t it?

2. Get in close, using the wide-angle setting, easier to hold steady for indoor low-light shooting.

3. Shoot a lot.

4. Capture natural candid moments with people unaware, shoot from the hip (literally) or hold camera high overhead pointing down. Good for table shots.

5. Use the telephoto setting to get tight facial expressions. Truly getting up close and personal.

6. Did I mention shoot a lot? In case your group shots have eyes closed.

7. Get the detail shots. Table setting, centerpiece, fancy desserts. Hostess will  love you for these.

Staver_table-shot8. Shoot a lot, giving you a higher % of great moments.

I’ll blog in much greater detail about each of these in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but these tips should make your Thanksgiving Day photography more fun, successful, and engaging with family and friends. It should also get you out of helping with the dishes. At least it’s always worked that way for me :).

  • Matthew Staver - I call it – I’ll take the pictures this year! (no dishes for me)

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