B&W with impact

Black & white photography provides strong emphasis, adds drama to static environments, and certainly helped the E-470 Public Highway Authority communicate it’s message. Their Investor Report celebrates 15 years of service to the metropolitan Denver driving community and my friends at Christopherson & Company Communications selected me to provide the photography for this report. Dan and Mike joined me in the early morning hours to drive the Tollway looking for images that conveyed the strength and stability of the highway.

I love this type of photographic challenge: using light, shadow, and camera angle among other things bringing vision to reality. It’s always a thrill to see the finished product, designed this year by Gretchen at Ray-Creative. Equally cool are kind words from satisfied clients. Here’s what Dan said in an email, “Barry, I just viewed your photos. They are fantastic!… Our art director will have a hard time choosing what to use.
That’s a ‘good’ thing, much better than not having enough to choose from, right?

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