In The Blink Of An Eye™

My signature filmmaking video service designed to help your business rise above the competition. We all have a story to tell, yes? But it’s HOW that story is told that separates us from everyone else.

Instead of the “old school” boring slideshow or PowerPoint presentation, I maintain the quick-hitting imagery adding the beauty of motion and audio to the mix (best known as “Montage”). The result is a short, concise little story the can be used on the company website or social media to catch the eyes of prospective clients.

Want to know my secret to success with montage? B-Roll!! Yep, I’m a master at capturing great B-Roll. Give me a call to learn more: 303-880-8063.


This Montage showcases the Third Way Center’s annual True Grit Dinner.


Here’s one showing real estate photographer Carol Grape during one of her busy days.

Call me today to talk about and plan your eye-catching Blink of an Eye™ marketing piece.