Barry Staver in the news…

… and NOT on the Crime Page and NO perp walk :).

The Denver Business Journal wrapped their weekly issue with a 4 page section highlighting their successful year. I’m mentioned in the story at the bottom of page 2.

Since I’m best known as “the storyteller with a camera” capturing other people’s visual story, it was ironic to be telling the DBJ a story.

I shared my story with them about meeting, making friends with Mark Shumacher, CFA with Roxborough Capital Management. We hooked up at a Journal “Meet the Editor” breakfast, met for lunch the next week where we discovered both of us graduated from Colorado State University. Mark has kindly shared several leads with me for both Corporate and Portrait Photography, invited me to his Denver Chamber of Commerce Leads Group.

My goal is to return these favors sending prospects to him. If you need or know of anyone searching for a Financial Advisor that specializes in helping individuals… please send them Mark’s way. Thanks.

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