Art Institute of Colorado Dinner and a Slideshow

While many of you will be doing dinner and a movie tonight, I have the privilege of doing dinner and a slideshow–of sorts. It’s time for the Professional Advisory Committee at the Art Institute of Colorado meeting.

I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been on this committee since it’s inception over 10 years ago. It’s an honor to help the Photography Department thru this committee, comprised of professional photographers. We meet several times a year to review student portfolios, discuss the ever changing photography industry, offer our thoughts and recommendations about the school’s curriculum.

The Art Institute is cutting edge with its offerings to students, sending them out into the real world with up-to-date knowledge and skills in digital photography. Students have the option of earning Associate or Bachelor’s Degrees, doing Internships.

I get to review graduating student portfolios each quarter giving me a look at hundreds of fresh new images representing many areas of photographic expertise. To date the portfolios are the “hard copy” hold in your hand style of portfolio book, once in a while we view online slideshows (thus the Dinner and a Slideshow title), and in the future who knows – it might all be in digital video format.

Did I mention the dinner? It’s at the school’s own restaurant. Bon appetit.

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