1st Vlog Post at HybridPhoto.Pro

At long last I finished the first of many Vlog Posts for the HybridPhoto.Pro site (this link will take you to the home page where my video is featured). Glad no one was holding their breath waiting for this event to happen, as it began last fall. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a blast shooting with the smaller, lighter mirrorless cameras, adding video to the mix, using LED continuous lighting. It just took a while to actually shoot and video edit this first post. It’s all smooth sailing from here with the next ones.


Hybrid Photography, the skillful blending of stills + video + audio into really terrific eProducts, is in it’s infancy. Steep learning curve and I think the sky’s the limit on ways clients can benefit from it.

Chicago based photographer and technology expert Will Crockett has been instrumental in pushing hybrid to the mainstream and I’m honored and glad to be part of the Hybrid Heroes Team. A group of like-minded shooters, from across the country, who see the potential of adding video and audio to our still photography services. We’re all about sharing our experiences – good and bad – along the journey.


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