15 Minutes Of Fame

This COULD be me in the photograph running alongside my quote.

Only 15 minutes? That’s an eternity in our fast-paced world, and  I’ve really had several hours of fame thanks to my friends at Crazy Shirts. I bought a couple pairs of their Canton Pants, liked ‘um so much that I sent a letter to them.

Surprise, surprise when I find my quote and name featured in their next catalog. And the next catalog. And finally in a 3rd edition of the catalog. The fourth catalog arrived with quote replaced. Sad day. I thought my “15 minutes of fame” were up until I went online to look for shirts. Back in the limelight, this time within their online catalog. It’s fun being their go-to guy in land locked Colorado. If they wanted to send me a big box of other Crazy Shirt items I’d wear them proudly everywhere I go :).

Some friends thought I was the model in the photograph. “Sure, you bet, that’s me”. With no ability to keep a straight face (I’m lousy at poker) the truth quickly came out. Crazy Shirts used a stand-in for me in the photograph of those cool pants.

I’d like to shoot their next catalog on location in Hawaii. Yes, I’d be wearing the Canton Pants during the photo shoot!!


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